Saturday, November 11, 2006

And the Election is OVER!

Today marks the fourth day in a row I have yet to see a single political ad on television. It's a wonderful thing, is it not? =)

I'm in Florida at the moment, so elections here mean particularly little to me. Two people, neither of which I know, running for governor. All of those house and senate contests--all full of names I've never heard of. Terrible, terrible ads, though.

The biggest problem for me were the election results. I do not care that one contestant is ahead of the other by a 2 to 1 margin with 9% of the precincts reporting. WHO CARES?! Wake me up with 100% of the precincts reporting.

However, such false news is more annoying because there's some good television I want to watch that the "live election news coverage" tends to interrupt. NCIS, I'm happy, they decided was more important than the news, but that might be because it was on at 8:00pm and polls had not yet closed. Perhaps they consider 9% of precincts reporting news, but 0%, I'm happy to know, they'll admit isn't really news.

Leno, though, oh, that makes me mad. They delayed Leno for about a half hour for the election. You know what I learned during that time? Two things:

1. Democrats took control of the House.
2. Control of the Senate was too close to call.

You know what else? That's exactly what they said on the news the night before. EXACTLY the same.

My advice for future elections: Don't listen to the coverage. Turn off your television. Turn off your radio. Go out with your family and see a movie. Figure out a virtual letterbox, or write clues for a real one you planted earlier in the afternoon.

Just say no to "live election news coverage."