Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An iPod Conspiracy?

If you've watched the Jay Leno Show, you might have heard him ask his 'guests' on the 10 at 10 segment about what is on their playlist or iPod. In this segment, he asks various celebrities 10 questions, and since his show is at 10:00 (in most places, at least), the segment is called "10 at 10."

I think it's kind of lame myself, but the few times I've watched it, it seems like he always wants to know, "What's on your playlist right now?"

And today, I was reading the latest issue of Time magazine when people could ask the governor of Michigan questions, and one of the people asked, "What is currently on your iPod?"

And every time I see this question, I start wondering--is there an iPod conspiracy? Is Apple paying people to have this question thrown out everywhere? Or do the people asking this question think it makes them look cool to talk about iPods?

When you really dig down in the question, what's really being asked is, "What kind of music do you like listening to?" But that question is BORING. Why the heck do I care what kind of music the governor of Michigan likes to listen to? ("Everything from Andrea Bocelli to Aretha Franklin to Bruce Springsteen to the Black Eyed Peas," if you really needed to know.) But, if you rephrase the question by asking, "What is currently on your iPod?"--well, it is still a BORING question. But somehow, phrased in this manner, it's more socially acceptable?

The other reason this particular question bothers me is because it makes the assumption that everyone already has an iPod. I don't have an iPod. Or what if someone prefers to use the Zune? It's like saying, "If you don't have an iPod, you are a freak of nature." I resent that. The assumptions built into the question seem to imply that owning an iPod is more important that anything else one could spend money on. "Food? Clothes? Those are nice, but in the grand pecking order, the iPod has to come first."

It's a stupid question, followed by completely useless answers. Interviewers--you can do better than that!


Sue KuKu said...

I don't have an ipod either! And I feel just fine and complete in my life.

Goofy girl said...

I don't have anything on my IPOD because I don't have one.

Kristin aka Trekkie Gal said...

I refuse to own an iAnything.

wassamatta_u said...

What's on MY iPod? A cup of coffee... I use it as a coaster. Hey, it was free!

~zess~ said...

You don't have an iPod, Ryan? Boy, are you a freak of nature.

Unknown said...

There is a lot on my iPod. Why do I have an iPod? Because Apple brainwashed me! Really it's great to have in the car, cuts back on the crap on the radio and no CDs to get scratched up.

The iPod does show up frequently in discussions on late night shows. I watch Jay, Conan, and Jimmy. Jimmy also has this comedy skit about what is on the audience's iPods.