Saturday, November 10, 2012

Being Unfriended

So there I was, checking my Gmail account, when I happened to noticed a little message in the corner saying, "(3) people unfriended you."

This really surprised me. Not that people would unfriend me--admittedly, I probably don't even know half the people who've friended me on Facebook, and it wouldn't at all surprise me that someone would come along and go, "You know, I want to clean out my account of people that I don't really know" and wind up unfriending me. Or perhaps unfriending me by accident when they tried to unfriend someone else. So I didn't really care that three people unfriended me. Ask me if I care--nope, I don't! =)

No, the thing that really surprised me is that they'd TELL YOU that you've been unfriended. Talk about a way to hurt someone's feelings! (I assume that some people would be more sensitive to being unfriended than I am, even though I think the whole concept of "friended" and "unfriended" is kind of misleading in the first place. Just because I'm friends with someone on Facebook doesn't mean I know them in any way, shape or form in the real world! I might, but more often than not, I don't.)

Out of curiosity, though, I clicked the "..." to find out more, which is when that ad for a "free" Facebook tool to learn who unfriended you.

And then it all made sense. Of course. It's totally a scam. How would Google (I was using Gmail, after all) even know how many people have unfriended me on Facebook in the first place? How would they be able to display that information in a PAID AD through Google? Yeah, I bet nobody has unfriended me recently. And if they have, I bet whoever put this ad up doesn't have a clue how many people have actaually unfriended me.

And nothing ever comes for "free." As if they're trying to be helpful. Seriously? How is telling people who've unfriended them possibly going to help anyone? The only thing it could possibly do is cause hurt feelings.

Now, I'm not suggesting it's impossible to create an app to tell you who's unfriended you. It's easy enough to create a program that can log into your Facebook account and monitor who your friends are--and monitor who is no longer a friend in the future and make the deduction that you've been unfriended.

BUT--why would you really trust a program to LOG INTO YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT to monitor your friends? Because you know that's what is going to happen. Of course the program is free. Look at all that valuable information they can get about you by logging into your account. Assuming it doesn't actually install a virus or malware or something on your computer in the first place.

Frankly, Google should be embarrassed that they have crap ads like this on their system. Preying on people's insecurities in order to hack their accounts. And that's what I consider it--hacking. They're tricking people into installing worthless programs that may have a cost far higher than a monetary outlay.

Be careful of ads you see online. They could just be scams! Even if it comes from a generally reputable company such as Google. *nodding* I put Google ads on this site--and they often point to wonderful useful websites. But keep your guards up! Because the next ad link you click could just be a scam.