Thursday, October 05, 2006

Prop 87 blowing smoke up your you-know-what....

There's a commercial on television asking you to support prop 87 here in California. It claims to reduce dependence on foreign imports, reduce energy prices, and help prevent global warming. In a nutshell, Proposition 87 would impose a tax on oil produced in California.

Think about that. Do you think adding a tax to anything actually reduces energy prices? How exactly does imposing a tax on locally produced oil reduce dependence on foreign imports? If anything, it makes foreign imports even more desirable since they don't get the extra tax. Prevent global warming--well, that's probably true. High oil prices do tend to cause people to carpool more, use public transit more, and buy less oil products thereby reducing the pollution going into the air. Long term, the extra money generated from taxes would go towards funding alternative fuel sources which is also a good thing.

I'm not dissing prop 87. I haven't really read enough to make a truly informed opinion on the subject, claiming that adding a tax to locally produced oil will reduce foreign imports and reduce energy prices is absurd. All-in-all, it probably is good for the environment in the long haul, but I wonder if the people of California are willing to pay higher energy prices and increased foreign imports for the healthier environment. There's no right answer here--it's a pretty simple case of environment vs. extra costs. Is the cost worth it? I don't know. But I tell you, I'd be inclined to vote for the side that actually told the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of lies coming out of both camps, so I guess it comes down to those who think the expense is worth it and those who don't. *shrug*

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DIXIE said...

I saw a barely mentioned report on these commercials you speak of ( I have directv and watch west coast channels too).

you are right...they are blowing smoke...the ads were paid for by Chevron and the republican party. it said so right on the ads in fine print at the end of the commercial. Chevron being a big importer of foreign oil... you really think they are gonna ask for support on something that is gonna reduce their profits by possible billions?

I had found that so amazing I had went around showing everyone in the household. "hey here it is...look...see the fine print...paid for by..."

Yep, oil commpanies and the republicans...the same folks that charge us $3 a gallon for gas